Family and Carers Programme

Who is it for?

Our online families and carers programme is designed to guide, help and support families and those helping someone living with dementia.  The dementia journey is a long one and can often feel isolating.  It is so important to have someone to turn to who can answer your questions, listen to your concerns and support you in the journey.

What is it?

We offer 3 different online programmes designed to help you at the different stages of this disease and then maintenance support between these stages. 

  1. First Steps – Helping families in the first 18 months of diagnosis with some of the financial and practical considerations and ways to slow the deterioration.
  2. Resilience – The second programme is designed for everyone who supports and helps someone living with memory loss. This is designed to offer practical support to maintain your resilience, understand the illness and continue to help the person live fully.
  3. Final Steps – Our final programme builds a therapeutic relationship to help families transition towards 24hr support. This is suitable for families prior to residential care and for families who may already have a loved one in residential care and want to discover ways maintain their relationship.

Our aim is always to maintain a person’s health and welfare through a therapeutic relationship.  Our programme has been developed to be delivered online using simple video technology. Each session is 1:1 which produces a strong, supporting and trusting relationship between the coach and the family or care giver.

How does it work?

The programmes are effective and enjoyable. They work to improve a person’s wellbeing and allow them to continue to support someone living with dementia.  Each programme builds on the idea of a therapeutic relationship and offers a mixture of practical information about the disease and symptoms, tips on activities and active listening to help guide towards further support and help. 

“It really helps me to be able to discuss certain things with Eileen [coach], without having to bother the family with such matters. She really helps to find an answer to any worries I may have, which really boosts my morale!”
– Brenda Crispin

What does it involve?

Each of the three programmes are provided online. Each session is 1:1 and delivered by your personal coach. We are extremely flexible and will endeavour to schedule the online sessions at times that suit you.

First steps

This programme is designed for families that have been diagnosed within the last 18 months and it aims to

  • Listen and support in these early months
  • Offer information about funding
  • Offer information about local services
  • Talk through some of the techniques used to improve memory and delay deterioration

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: Try the first 2 sessions free, thereafter £180 to complete programme.
Normal cost £240

Format: 8 weekly 45 minute sessions online


This can be done at any point in the disease journey and is a 3 month programme that consists of 12 sessions and will

  • Deliver practical information, advice, signpost and support
  • Develop personal tools to build resilience and help for the future
  • Provide reassurance and gentle guidance
  • Result in a sensitive, trusting relationship between coach and individual

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: Try the first 3 sessions free, thereafter £270 to complete programme.
Normal cost £360

Format: 12 weekly 45 minute sessions online

Final Steps

This final programme is designed for families caring for a loved one who has advanced dementia, either supported at home or in a care home and will

  • Deliver advice and tools for helping and communicating
  • Suggest activities for keeping someone stimulated
  • Provide reassurance and gentle guidance
  • Support and advise families on the transition to 24hr care

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: Try the first 2 sessions free, thereafter £180 to complete programme.
Normal cost £240

Format: 8 weekly 45 minute sessions online

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