A Message from Teacup Dementia Therapy

Teacup Dementia Therapy is the home of the unique Teacup LifeStory Book: a lasting record of you and your life so far, expertly curated by a healthcare professional using evidence-based therapy.

Our LifeStory service has been designed specifically to support people with early to mid stage dementia and was created by healthcare professionals with decades of specialist experience.

Creating your Teacup LifeStory Book involves a powerful therapeutic process, which combines formal LifeStory work and principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

Outputs of the sessions – which are delivered online – provide the narrative content for your LifeStory Book to create a unique, high-quality, hard-back book that can be enjoyed today with family and friends, and into the future with generations to come.

Visit our website at www.teacupdementiatherapy.com