Our Mission

TanDEM Care’s mission is to be an end to end service for families living with dementia. We want to be able to help you wherever you live and at every stage of the illness.  It is so important that those diagnosed or at risk of memory loss continue to keep their minds active.  Equally important, is that those supporting or helping someone with memory loss have somewhere and someone to turn to, help and guide them on this journey.


TanDEM Care Vision and Values

We are committed to delivering innovative person-centred dementia healthcare, striving to help individuals live as fully and independently as possible. 

We deliver our vision and values in a way that places the family and individual at the heart of all we do:

TanDEM Care places person-centred care and wellbeing above everything

Deliver the best outcomes


Reassuringly professional

Take personal responsibility

TanDEM Care offers you the kindness we all would want for a loved one

Respect individuals

Friendly and courteous

Attentive and helpful

Protect your dignity

TanDEM Care achieves this through the creation of therapeutic relationships

Listen and hear

Explain and involve

Work in partnership

Respect everyone’s time

TanDEM Care will always strive to keep improving

Courage to give and receive feedback

Efficient and simplified

Development through learning

Innovate and research

Meet the Team

Jonathan Hanbury
Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Jonathan is a registered nurse who has over 20 years of healthcare NHS experience. He launched TanDEM Care’s sister company Atlas Respite & Therapy that works with families face to face in the community. He currently teaches dementia health and social care and helps families and informal carers in 1:1 coaching. He is passionate about finding ways to help those living with dementia.

Kathrine Bailey
Tandem Care Lead

Kathrine has worked for many years in dementia care working both 1:1 with families or running group support.  She specializes in the running and creation of therapeutic activities that help keep minds active and engaged, including Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, and Reminiscence Therapy.  More recently she was the memory Café co-ordinator for memory cafes across Torbay.

TanDEM Care Coaches

All our coaches have extensive clinical experience in dementia and have completed courses in running Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, creative therapy and reminiscence therapy.  They are all expected to complete further courses in leading and running dementia activities and understanding the disease pathophysiology.  Many also have personal experience.  

Get in contact with us

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